Student Withdrawal Process

In order to withdraw a student from Crisp County High School, there are certain steps you must take.


All textbooks and library books must be returned to the Media Center and any fines paid. 


All obligations that your student might have with the front office, band, chorus, JROTC, sports teams or any other school organization must be cleared.  Guidance cannot accept money or items to be returned.  You must contact the department where the obligation is owed.


A withdrawal letter will then be created and printed.  This letter will require the parent’s (the person who first registered the child) and the registrar’s and/or counselor’s signature.


A copy of this letter will go with you to the student’s new school.  It will give the basic information needed to enroll your child.


A form will be sent to each of your student’s teachers, asking for withdrawal grades.  Once this form is completed, we will forward it to your student’s new school along with the student’s records.