Lockers are available to rent for a fee of $5.00 per year.  Lockers are sold by Ms. Keable (Room 605).   Students should use ONLY their assigned locker.  Lockers are designed for the use of one, and only one, student.   Students that allow others to share their assigned locker will face disciplinary consequences that could include suspension of locker privileges and In School Suspension.

Students are responsible for handling all locker problems.  Should a student have a problem with their locker jamming, faulty combinations, etc., should FIRST report to class.  The teacher may, at his or her discretion, send an email for the student to contact the administration to resolve the problem.  During non-instructional times students should report to Room 605 and complete a locker repair notice.  Students should leave their name, grade, locker number, combination and a short description of the problem.  The problem will be resolved as soon as possible.  Students should not tamper with or “fix” their lockers to open without the combination.

  • Crisp County High School will not be responsible for any property kept in the locker.  

  • Students are expected to keep lockers neat and clean at all times. School-wide locker clean out occurs at the end of each school year.  The student is responsible for any damage to the locker and for the full cost of repairing, repainting or replacing the locker.  

  • Lockers are the property of CCHS and are subject to unannounced searches at any time.  School officials will conduct a search of student lockers whenever there is a reasonable suspicion that any material or substance that may be deemed by the school administration to be illegal and/or detrimental in a locker.  Additionally, random locker searches with drug detection dogs or devices may occur regularly during the school year. 

Driving on the CCHS Campus is a PRIVILEGE.  Only students that meet certain criteria are allowed to drive a vehicle on campus.  This is a privilege that can be suspended or revoked in its entirety if certain behavioral expectations are not met.  Students that arrive to school late an excessive number of times will lose their driving privileges.  Students that use their vehicles to leave campus without prior authorization will lose their driving privilege.  Students that are discovered breaking school policies while in or around vehicles in the student parking lot will lose their driving privilege.  

Parking Permits

In order for a student to park on campus, the following procedures must be followed:

  • Students must request a Certification of Enrollment and ADAP Certificate three days in advance.  Same day requests cannot be processed.

  • Report to Mrs. Teresa Manders with a valid Georgia driver’s license, proof of insurance, tag registration and $15.00 fee (cash only).  

  • Fill out the Student Parking form to register the vehicle(s) the student expects to drive to school.

  • Receive a parking permit for one assigned space. 

  • Permits are not transferable and may not be shared with another student.

  • Parking spaces will be made available at the beginning of the school year first to seniors, then juniors, and then sophomores.  

  • When all available spaces have been assigned, no more vehicles will be allowed to register.  A waiting list will be created.  As spaces become available, they will be assigned to the next person on the list with no class preference.