Early Dismissals (Check Outs)

If a student must leave school early, that student must bring written documentation to the main office between 7:35am and 8:00am. The documentation should have the parent or guardian signature and contain the student's name , the reason for dismissal, and the time for dismissal. The student will receive a permission slip from Office Personnel to present to the teacher at the time of dismissal. Office Personnel will ONLY call parent phone numbers that are listed in Infinite Campus or on student's health card to verify the checkout. If a parent or guardian cannot be reached for verification the student will not be allowed to leave campus. The student will be dismissed from class, and will report to attendance clerk to sign out. The student will then be permitted to leave campus. Students that present false documentation will face disciplinary consequences. Student may not check out of school to each lunch off campus.

Parents may email the documentation to check a student out early using

the following email:

Click here to send Check-out Email

or send to Toni Dickerson adickerson@crispschools.org